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Don’s Story

So I’m not sure how to explain all the wonderful things Dr James Leger (aka Moose) has done for me over the last few years, but I’ll start with my first visit !

I had taken my two youngest boys to Blue Bayou Water Park for the day, after numerous slides & rides & bumps & bruises I started to ache kinda all over. When I woke up the next morning I could not stand up straight & was having problems walking, a friend recommended Leger Chiropractic, so I called & was able to get an appointment that day. Dr James explained the whole process to me in “layman terms” so that I knew exactly what was wrong & what I was facing as far as recovery !

So began a journey of EPIC proportions & an experience that I tell people about as often as they will listen ! First the list of things out of place in my body was astounding but finding out that some had been that way for years & I (just like everyone else) learned to compensate for it, either by not doing certain things or walking, turning, bending differently without even realizing it ! My visits at first were twice a week for two or three months, then shifted to once a week then every other week then once a month then to just routine maintenance !!

I am an Iron worker/carpenter by trade. The wear & tear we put on our bodies is hard to explain. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone to see Dr James, with pain in my back, neck, legs, and torso. He treats the problem not the symptoms like other doctors tend to do !

Dr. James Leger listens to me. He is very knowledgeable and patient, he explains things in an easy to understand way for those without medical background !! I highly recommend him to everyone I know & even to people I just meet who are in pain or just having aches !!

Justin’s Story

In 2009, my son, Justin became very ill! He lost about 60 lbs. in 6 weeks, had stayed dehydrated, severe back pain and headaches, and blood pressure so low that sometimes the ER staff were not able to detect it. This went on for about 3 months!

I had been a patient of Dr. James Leger since 2007, and conversed with him about Justin’s illness.

After seeing many different medical doctors with no answers, Dr. James examined Justin and told me what tests the medical doctors needed to administer for a diagnosis. Our situation seemed so hopeless, I was beginning to believe my child would not live to see age 15! So, after grasping at straws for months, I went to battle with the medical doctors to get the tests administered.

Justin was finally diagnosed with Addison’s disease. This disease doesn’t have a cure, but is treatable with medications that have to be taken the rest of his life! Even after the medications, his immune system is very low; he has damage to several vital organs.

So here’s where Dr. James’ adjustments have an astonishing affect on my son’s quality of life. The viruses, allergies, asthma attacks, headaches, and back pain we were battling constantly are just about non-existent. It amazes me to hear how Justin advocates the impact Dr. James’ treatments have on his life to people all the time.

One of the pediatricians told me after the diagnosis, the reason you don’t know many people with Addison’s is because they don’t survive long enough to be diagnosed!! Some of the medical doctors on Justin’s case wouldn’t admit that a chiropractor figured this out! So please don’t hesitate to see a chiropractor, because medical doctors don’t have all the answers!

Well, I thank God every day for Dr. James. Justin has just turned 17, and is leading a very healthy, productive life! And words aren’t adequate enough to describe how grateful I am to have my child back! That is PRICELESS….

We love you Dr. James,
Becky & Justin Faucheux


I met Dr. James three years ago when my family and I relocated here form New Mexico. He has been a blessing to my family. I had fallen in 2004 and have suffered with chronic pain ever since. After countless physical therapy sessions, injections, x-rays, and MRI’s I found that the only person that could tell me what was causing my pain and numbness was Dr. James Leger. He diagnosed me and came up with a treatment plan. I felt a tremendous relief right away. It took about three months of adjustments and therapy to feel the complete results. He also recommended foot levelers. I love them and don’t want to wear any other shoe. I am now virtually pain free.

My children started wanting adjustments as well. They feel comfortable with Dr, James Leger and truly enjoyed the adjustments. They have grown really fond of him and are excited to see him every time we visit. If one of them has a fall or lands wrong while playing I take them in right away. If one of them has a sore throat, runny nose, or any kind of illness I take them in. I have seen immediate results. For example, my daughter had a runny nose when we went in and when we left it was gone and it didn’t return. I truly believe that chiropractic care is essential in our lives and widely misunderstood. When I talk to people about my experiences with chiropractic care they are amazed. Most people think that you only need a chiropractor if you have been in some sort of accident. Honestly there are so many health benefits I am surprised people now so little about it.

Amanda Johnston and Family


Living with Osteoarthritis is very painful. Before finding Dr. James Leger, I used to see a pain management doctor. Now I no longer need to take prescribed medications for pain. Having Dr. Leger perform regular adjustments on my spine keep the pain levels down so I can function normally. Dr. Leger has been a great asset to my healthcare.

Valerie Heirsch – Geismar, LA


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